If you love spicy food or you simply want to find out where you can get the hottest food, this is a great guide for you.  It is important to note that the greatest spice producers are the biggest spice consumers. Below are some of the countries you will get the spiciest food globally:


India is known to have the spiciest food with the spiciest being phaal curry. When the chef is preparing this dish, he wears a mask to avoid being chocked by the chili used in the cooking. The other spicy foods in India are kozhi curry, bhutjolokia curry, pork vindaloo, and madras curry, among others.

Sri Lanka

The spice trade in Sri Lanka greatly contributed to their love for. Even when you order a normal dish, you will be given the hottest accompaniment.

Some of the spiciest foods in Sri Lanka arekotturotti that is made from godhamba roti, veggies, meat, and spices. The other spicy food is kukulmas curry which is prepared in most popular cities.


According to the Mexican cuisine, there is no good food without spices. Most of their spices are homegrown and one will use the amount of spice he is most comfortable with. The hottest spice is pozola that is made using chili, garlic, avocado, salsa, and onions and is best served hot.


Thailand also has very spicy foods such as nueaphatphrik which feels like lave when taking it. However, if you love spices, you will love the feeling. The other spicy foods prepared in Thailand are Khao pad nampriknarok, tom yum kung, tom klongpla grab, and lab.


Tunisia is another coastal country that has the spiciest foods. When you walk into a restaurant in Tunisia, it will be easier to find spicy foods that normal food. You will choose how spicy you want your food and whether you want native or foods from other countries.

There are other countries that serve the hottest foods such as China, Malaysia, Ethiopia, and Jamaica. The foods in every country is unique and if you get the chance and resources, taking a tour around the world will give you a chance to test the foods.