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How to promote your Explainer Video like a Boss in 2018 – and Get Higher Exposure

When it comes to explainer videos, the creation of it is just one part of the whole process. Even if you make the best video that really shows what your business or product is about it won’t matter unless you promote your video in the best way possible. When talking about video promotion, social media is where it’s at because it can really help you reach any target audience very easily and quickly. There are a few different ways in which you can promote your explainer video, on and off social media, and that’s exactly what we will talk about in this article.

Paid promotion

The first thing that people think about when they think of paid promotion is that they will have to pay extra money on top of the money they have already paid for the explainer video. And while this is definitely true, the fact is that this type of promotion really does work. You can use paid advertisements on any social media platform in order to increase the amount of content that you will be sharing with your existing and potential customers. The best thing about paid promotion is the programmed steps that will guarantee that your exact target audience will get to see your ads, and that is exactly what you want when doing promotion.

Viral promotion

Viral content is by far the most shared content out there, an in fact that is how videos go viral in the first place. When people see any content that they find interesting they immediately want to share it and that is what you need to do with your explainer videos. In order for you to create a video that is viral-worthy, you need to take some time and do some research on your target audience and see what they do and don’t like. The video that you create should be able to attract their attention and show them exactly what they could gain from using your product.

Word of mouth

What word of mouth basically means here is that in the world of social media the main goal is to convince your customers and any potential customers to engage with your explainer video by sharing their own ideas and opinions on the product or service, or just your business in general. When they do something as simple as comment on your Facebook video, that notification will appear on their own profile, which means that all of their Facebook friends will be able to see the video for themselves.

Promotion is everything when you are a business owner. Even when using a marketing tool as great as explainer videos, it is still up to you to make sure that the video gets the right promotion in order for it to work. So get down to creating a profile on every social media website that you can think of, and start promoting your explainer video right away.

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