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Investing in Animated Explainer Videos is worthy for your Business Growth in 2018

When it comes to giving a great and engaging business presentation, one of the best tools that you can use are well created animated explainer videos. These videos have a tendency to attract the attention of the viewers and something about the animations in these videos have the ability to keep that attention exactly where you need it. These videos can be very expensive to make when you go to a production company which is why a lot of people like the idea of doing it themselves, however that isn’t always the right choice and in this article we will talk about why we think a “do-it-yourself” approach is not the way to go.

The script can be difficult to write

You cannot start creating any type of explainer video without having a scrip written beforehand. The main characteristic of these videos is that they should last somewhere between 60 and 90 seconds, while also conveying the message in full, grabbing the attention of the viewers and being funny and entertaining all at the same time and all of this can’t be done without that script. Writing a script that has all of these important elements and still fits in the given time frame is way more challenging than people think and is something that is usually looked over or underestimated, which is why so many of these videos that have been done without professional help tend to look unorganized and don’t really fulfill their purpose.

Sometimes the time put into the video doesn’t make sense

It is a well-known fact that animated explainer videos take a lot of time to make. Between the planning process, the writing of the script and the animations themselves, the whole process can take months to complete and when you are doing it yourself, it can take even longer. When you do this process from your own company offices that means that this will be another thing on the list that you and your employees will have to deal with on a daily basis. At some point you, as the business owner, will have to stand back and figure out if this is a good investment of time on your part and your employees’ part and whether there isn’t some other, more important part of your business that would benefit from that time more. If the answer is that there is a part, then doing it yourself isn’t the way to go.

You’d need to be tech savvy

If you are tech savvy then this isn’t a problem for you, but if you and your employees aren’t then you will have a problem. Even with all of the software option and programs that you can find online there is still the risk of them not being user friendly and being difficult to work with. This means that you will have to spend even more time learning how to work the program in order to get the results you want, but it can also mean that you will risk getting results that are not professional and that don’t convey the message in the right way which would make the whole thing just a big waste of time.

Do-it-yourself animated explainer videos can definitely work for some business owners, but for others it can be a complete waste of time. Before you start the process you should really look at what you and your employees can do and figure out if saving the money will be worth wasting the time or if simply paying a good production company will be the way to go for your video.

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