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Are you in the process of creating an explainer video? Congratulations! You are on the right track with modern online marketing strategy. From statistics, more than 85% of people who watch a video about a given product will purchase it. This is not the same for those who just read about the same product.
With this in mind, you can ascertain that a well-crafted video has the potential of enhancing your sales. However, a good plan is the core of any success. This phrase is not different when crafting an explainer video. Here are things you need to know before embarking on your product explainer video creation process:


Like other content, explainer videos are not fit for every audience. For instance, you cannot make videos advertising female products where your audience are men. Also, you need to understand several aspects of the target market. First, you must know the audiences traits and personality. With this, you can know the kind of tone to use in your videos.
Also, you will determine whether to use formal or informal tone. Accordingly, you must understand the problems facing your prospects. Remember, the overall goal of a product explainer video is to show the ability of your products in solving the current problems in your target market. Hence, for it to be successful, you must have an insightful knowledge about these problems.


As stated, product explainers have one goal of simplifying complex information in your product feature to enhance conversions. So, the videos must be simple and precise. In this essence, you must mind the length of your videos.
While you may want to share a wide range of information that can be helpful to the potential customers, they do not have time to watch the entire video. In fact, most web visitors look to make decisions on whether to watch the videos or not based on their length. As such, if you are seeking high performance from your product explainers, keep them short and simple.


If you want a quality explainer video, developing a quality script is not a choice. Your script must cover all essential information you want to share. Also, it must be well-organized to ensure an easy flow of one scene to the next. This means that your script should be properly laid out for the introduction, body, and conclusion in a sequential way with a call to action as the final part.
Besides, your script should be a story. By a story, it does not mean giving a folktale or oral narratives. Instead, it should be a story that relates the prospect’s problem with your product as the solution. All in all, the story should be engaging to increase your conversions.


Even though there is a wide array of free explainer video creation software, it is essential to seek a professional producer. However, not all the producers can offer you the right quality videos. As such, before embarking on creating explainer videos, you need to select who will be your producer.
Also, it is vital to consider the type of production you want and what to include in your videos. You should determine the kind of videos a producer does whether they deal with short or long ones. At this point, you should go for producers with experience in producing short videos as they will give you a quality result than the later.


All in all, before setting off your journey to making explainer videos, you need to know your audience. Also, you must determine their length and who to produce them. Lastly, your script must be of high quality if you want an excellent product explainer video.